BET 223 is a Malian company, run by Malians for Malians. The company BET 223 is part of the BET2AFRICA group, it intervenes, in partnership with PMU-Mali, in the games and leisure sector. BET 223 very quickly positioned itself as a key player in its field, for the Republic of Mali. Our greatest strength is the work and commitment of our teams, and we work closely with our suppliers and local partners every day to actively participate in the development of our environment and the Malian community.


Our values ​​are our foundation and they guide us on a daily basis: Professionalism, Responsibility, and Transparency.
The BET 223 company ensures to apply daily its values ​​in each of its actions and decisions:


Professionalism is what best defines BET 223, and because we believe that a job well done is fundamental, we demand the best of ourselves at all times.With their know-how, their skills, their involvement and their responsiveness, the BET 223 teams are fully involved in their work in order to provide the answers best suited to the needs of all our customers. Our professionalism involves a constant watch effort, continuous training and a search for progress and continuous improvement.


We pay particular attention to social and environmental concerns, which is why we place them at the heart of our growth strategy and our operational activities. We are working for consistent and sustainable economic growth, accompanied by a quantitative and qualitative improvement in employment and greater social cohesion in our community.


Honesty and integrity guide us in the performance of our professional activities. We consider that the creation of added value in a sustainable way requires a transparent behavior vis-à-vis society. We therefore demonstrate seriousness and rigor in our commitments and obligations, whether in our daily work or in our relations with our customers, suppliers and partners.

At BET 223, we believe that the flourishing of an individual, a family and a nation fundamentally depends on a balance between work and play. One is just as important as the other and it is in their right balance that true fulfillment lies.BET 223 makes its contribution to this balance: On the one hand, we really value competence, quality and a job well done. On the other hand, we ensure that the game is above all entertainment for our customers, in strict compliance with Malian regulations.BET 223 offers you a wide range of sports bets, virtual games and lottery games, under the supervision of PMU-Mali, while respecting international standards adapted to our environment.Our games are prohibited for those under 18 and we let us remain vigilant vis-à-vis gambling addiction.BET 223 thus reserves the right to limit the amount of its clients' commitments if they show signs of gambling addiction. Are you passionate about sport and gambling? with BET 223, make your passion a gain! To find out more, do not hesitate to consult the other sections about us (Our agencies, how to contact us, how to become a BET 223 Partner, etc.)

Are you passionate about sports and the game?
With BET223, turn your passion into profit!