Cash-Out is a way to secure your winnings or limit your losses. This option is available in both single and combination bets on all types of bets that have the Cash-Out option. All selections in your bet must have the Cash-Out feature for your bet to be eligible for Cash-Out.

Le MASTER 10 consists to predict the result of several matches preselected by BET223 on a grid.

To participate and try to win the MASTER 10 jackpot you have to predict the ten games in the grid.

1, X ou 2 ?

Box 1, which represents a victory of the team at home
The X box which means draw
Box 2 to bet on a win of the away team

Talent, expertise, flair, and a little bit of success is the recipe for winning at MASTER 10.


  1. Click on « sport betting » or « sportsbook »

  2. Choose the sport you want to bet on from the sub-menu

  3. Select the country and the League you are interested to

  4. Choose the sport you want to bet

  5. Select the odds of the event you are interested to 

  6. Go to your bet grid

  7. Validate your bets


  • You can place a live bet by going to the "Live Bet " section and selecting the odds of the sporting event you wish to bet on.

    Please note that if the odds change, you will be offered a new bet taking this change into account and you will be asked to confirm.

  • Single Bet is a bet on 1 selection that matches an event. Your selection must be a winner to generate earnings.

    Multiple Betting or Combined Betting consists of placing a bet on up to 2 to 30 selections corresponding to different, independent events. 

    System betting consists of selecting multiple picks in your cart, select "System" from the drop-down list at the top of your selection. You can then choose to check off different betting system
    For example when you selected 5 predictions. You may decide to bet on the "4/5 system", this means that you win gains if at least 4 of your 5 predictions come true. When you place a "4/5 System", you are actually betting on 5 combined bets of 4 predictions (all combinations of 4 matches out of 5) so when you have 5 correct predictions, your 5 combined bets are winning and when you have 4 correct predictions, only one combined bet is winning.

    You can decide to bet on several system bets at the same time, for example "System 2/4", "System 3/4" and the "Combined 4/4". The number of bets for each system is shown. Your bet per betting will be multiplied by the total number of bets (your total bet is shown at the bottom of your cart).

    The potential payout shown is the maximum payout if all your predictions come true. Details of the winnings for each bet are available once your bet is validated in "My Bets."

    The odds of each selection are multiplied together to define the overall odds. These odds are multiplied by the bet amount to determine the potential payout. All of your selections must be winners to generate winnings.

    With BET223, Make your passion a gain !