1.1 The "Bet223 Rules" are the terms and conditions constituting the complete, final and exclusive agreement between the Account Holder ("you") and Bet223, and governing the contractual relationship between Bet223 and the Account Holder. 
The Bet223 Rules replace and merge all prior agreements, representations and agreements between Account Holder and Bet223. By opening a Bet223 account, registering, logging in, using the Services, participating in games or accepting a Prize, a visitor or Account Holder fully understands and agrees:

1. That he/she has read, understands and will adhere to these Terms and Conditions
  • 2. That he/she must respect all the terms of these Terms and Conditions

  • .   Bet223 may update, modify, edit and supplement the Bet223 Rules at any time. Any substantial changes to the Bet223 Rules must be notified in advance by Bet223 to the Account Holder, before they become effective and will require your consent. If you do not agree with the amendments to the Bet223 Rules, you will not be allowed to continue using the Services.

      All references in Bet223 rules to the singular must include the plural and vice versa. All references to "the" must include "a / an" and vice versa.

      1.2 An "Account Holder" is a person who has a contractual relationship with Bet223 by creating a Bet223 account on the Website.

      1.3 A "Bet223" account is an account held by an account holder, for bona fide transactions, strictly for the purpose of establishing a normal business relationship with Bet223 and strictly for the purpose of conducting wagering and other gaming and gaming transactions.

      1.4 The "Agreement" is the contractual relationship between Bet223 and an Account Holder and shall be constituted and governed by the Bet223 Rules, i.e. the "Terms and Conditions".

      1.5 The "Website" is the Internet gateway accessible via the Internet address where all current and relevant information regarding Bet223's operations is published and through which the Services are provided to Account Holders.

      1.6 "Services" are the gaming and betting offerings provided by Bet223 to the Account Holder via the Website.

      1.7 "Gaming and betting duty" refers to the special tax applicable to gambling and betting in Mali.

      1.8 A "Card" refers to all types of cards with a "payment," "charge," "debit," "credit," "virtual" and/or similar function.

      1.9 A "Payment Solution Provider" is an intermediary acting as a payment agent for different payment methods.

      1.10 A "financial institution" is a bank and/or other institution governed by an applicable national financial services law or similar.

      1. Force Majeure" refers to any event or condition beyond its reasonable control that results in a delay or failure in the performance of the affected party's contractual obligation and includes, for purposes of the Bet223 Rules, the following events (including the refusal or cancellation of any required license where the refusal or cancellation is attributable to the affected party) wars, outbreak of hostilities, riots, civil disturbances, insurrections, acts of terrorism, fire, explosions, floods, theft, malicious damage, strikes, lockouts and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the party whose performance is affected.

      1.12 "Client Application" means the web browser application opened by the Account Holder in order to use the Services.

      1.13 "Software" means any software used by Bet223 to offer and/or operate the Services and/or run the Client Application.

      1.14 A "prize" is an amount, bonus or award that may be earned by the Account Holder.

      1.15 An "Inactive Account" is a Bet223 Account that has not logged in and/or logged out for a period of more than 12 consecutive months.

      1.16 All trademarks, service marks and trade names as well as images, graphics, text, concepts or methodologies (collectively the "Intellectual Assets") found on the Website, the Client Application and the material contained therein are the exclusive property of Bet223 and/or Bet223's suppliers and partners. Account Holder has no right to exploit or use any Intellectual Assets for any purpose except as permitted by law.



      You shall not misuse the Site and/or Services by knowingly or negligently introducing viruses, worms, Trojan horses, logic bombs or any other malicious or technologically harmful elements. You must not attempt to gain unauthorised access to the Site and/or Services, the servers on which the Site or Services are hosted, or any other server, computer or database connected to the Site and Services. You may not attack the Site through a denial of service attack or a distributed denial of service attack. Violation of these terms is punishable by law. We may report any such violation to the appropriate authorities and will cooperate with those authorities by disclosing your identity and other data related to your Account. In the event of such a violation, your rights to use the Site and Services will be immediately revoked.

    The following practices are "Prohibited Practices" and constitute a material breach of the Terms and Conditions. We will take all steps reasonably necessary to prevent and detect such practices and to identify the players involved if they occur. To the extent provided below, however, we will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by you as a result of Prohibited Practices and anything we do in connection with such practices will be at our sole discretion.
    Prohibited Practices in connection with the Services are as follows:
    1. abuse of bonuses or other promotions;
      b. unfair use of outside influences or factors (commonly known as cheating); and/or use of unfair advantage;
      c. opening duplicate Accounts;
      d. fraudulent practice or criminal activity.
    We are under no obligation to monitor or moderate any user's activity or use of the Site, however, we reserve the right, at any time, to monitor, retain and disclose any information necessary to satisfy the requirements of applicable law, regulation, legal process or a request from regulatory authorities, to ensure the proper use of the Services and compliance with our Terms and Conditions or to investigate any suspected violations.
    The Bet223 website is operated by the company BET223 SARL, registered in the Trade Register under the number RCCM: MA.BKO.2019.B.12561 and duly authorized by the Malian authorities under the license number PMU Mali n° LN19 0239.
      These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Mali. You irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Malian courts to settle any dispute or claim of any kind arising out of or in connection with your use of the Services and to the application of the laws of Mali to settle any dispute or claim. However, we reserve the right to bring suit in any other jurisdiction if we believe that a violation of our intellectual property rights or our Terms and Conditions has occurred or arises there. You are responsible for compliance with applicable laws and regulations of the jurisdiction from which you access the Site or Services.


      3.1.1 An individual may only participate in a game for money if he/she has an account. To be registered as a player, an individual must personally register and submit an application for registration.
    The following information must be provided by and for the player who wishes to open an account:
    Date of birth (provide valid identification that the player is over eighteen -18) years of age or the legal age of majority as stipulated in the jurisdiction of your domicile - identification documents that must be provided: copy of a valid ID card , passport or driver's license);
    A first and last name.
    A valid email address
    A phone number of a Malian operator
    A personal password
    You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and will be held fully accountable for all actions taken under your phone number with your password. Any phone number and password chosen by you or assigned to you to access the Services are for your personal use only and are not transferable. We recommend that you disable any automatic password storage in your browser before using the Site. This will help limit the risk of unauthorized use of your Account for you.

      3.1.2 A person applying to become an Account Holder warrants that he/she is not under the age of eighteen (18). Minors may not register as a player and may not hold a Bet223 Account. Bet223 reserves the right to request additional proof of age and to carry out further checks to verify the information provided. A Bet223 account may be suspended until satisfactory proof of age is provided.

      3.1.3 A person applying to become an Account Holder warrants:
    a. be a natural person (a legal entity will not be accepted as an account holder);
    b. Not be a resident of Afghanistan, Australia, Denmark, Estonia, Ethiopia, France and other French territories, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, North Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Spain, Syria, Turkey, the United States of America and other U.S. territories, or Yemen (please note the specific country exclusions for Casino - Gaming - Live Casino, Poker and Bingo);
    c. Not be a professional player in a sport, competition or league where Bet223 offers wagering;
    1. not be restricted by limited legal capacity;
      e. not be acting on behalf of another party;
      F. not being classified as a problem gambler, and/or being included (voluntarily or involuntarily) in a registry or database of excluded gamblers;
      g. not deposit money derived from criminal and/or illegal activities;
      h. not deposit money through a card that the account holder is not authorized
      use and/or use a card in a jurisdiction where wagering and gambling are prohibited;
      i. not engage in criminal activity through which a Bet223 account is directly involved or
      j. Not hold an active account with any other legal entity that is part of the same group as Bet223, i.e. other entities controlled directly or indirectly by BET-2-Africa;
      k. not use the Services if it is illegal in his country of residence or otherwise restricted for him to open a Gaming Account, purchase or use Bet223 Services and/or otherwise participate in the Games offered. It is the Account Holder's responsibility to ensure that his use of the Bet241 website and services is legal;
      l. not find the Website or Services offensive, objectionable, unfair or indecent;
      m. to keep his Bet223 account data up to date in terms of: first and last name, valid email address and phone number.
    3.1.4 A person who applies for a Bet223 account acknowledges and agrees:
    a. all definitions and stipulations set forth in the Bet223 Rules;
    b. the Bet223 Rules as currently published on the Site, as well as any possible future amendments to the Bet223 Rules;
    c. that the place of contract is Mali; and
    d. That the Contract is governed by: (i) the Bet223 Rules published in English; (ii) the provisions
    regulatory or other decisions made from time to time by the responsible authorities; and (iii) the applicable law of the place of the Contract.

      3.1.5 You agree to:
    1. notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your phone number and/or password, or any other breach of security; and
      b. ensure that you log out of your Account at the end of each session. We will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this clause.
      3.1.6 If you forget or lose your password or Account information, please contact us immediately. We will use all reasonable commercial diligence to suspend your Account once you have informed us of the loss of your Account information, but you will remain solely responsible for all bets made on your Account prior to its suspension. If we have reason to believe that there is a security breach or misappropriation of your Account, we may require you to change your password or registration information or we may suspend or close your Account without prior notice.

      3.1.7 You are not allowed to:
    1. enter, select, or use a false name, address, Account information, or email address belonging to or controlled by another person with the intent to impersonate that person, or
      b. use a name or similar information without proper authorization. We disclaim all liability for damages resulting from unauthorized use of our Site and/or Services, whether fraudulent or otherwise. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse registration of a username, suspend it, or cancel it, without prior notice.


    BET223 does not guarantee or make any commitment to the availability of all Services to all customers. We may, in our sole discretion and without obligation to provide reasons, exclude any customer from the Services generally or not offer them selected promotions or any other promotions or offers offered by us.

      In the following instances and without limiting our ability to use any other available means, we may terminate your Account, freeze all or part of the balance in your Account, or cancel or render null and void any wagers or transactions made, in our sole discretion, if:
    1. a technology failure affects the integrity of one or more transactions or your Account;
      b. we suspect or know that you are engaging in illegal or fraudulent activity while using the Services;
      c. we suspect or know that you are violating or have violated any of the Terms and Conditions or the rules governing a particular bet or transaction;
      d. we suspect or know that you are acting in a way that is detrimental to the proper operation of our business, for example, if you are taking unfair advantage of us or any other player, or if you are acting in any other unfair way, exploiting a defect, flaw or error in our software or cheating or acting in concert with others;
      e. we suspect or know that you are likely to be in difficulties in obtaining credit, be insolvent or be subject to such proceedings in any country in the world;
      f. we determine that there is a manifest error in the terms of a bet or transaction you have made;
      g. we learn that you have rejected or objected to any purchase or deposit you have made to your Account; or
      h. We are required by law to do so.


    You have the option to close your account and it is solely up to you; it is at your sole discretion. To do so, please contact us and we will process your request within a reasonable period of time, but you will remain responsible for all activity on your Account until your Account is closed in good standing (i.e. once all outstanding bets and transactions have been settled, and all monies in the Account have been paid or withdrawn in accordance with these Terms and Conditions).

      We reserve the right to close your Account at our discretion, without obligation to give a reason by written notice (or attempted notice) addressed to the contact information provided by you. Any undisputed balance on your Account will be made available to you, if you have complied with the Terms and Conditions.

    We may also close or suspend your Account without notice if your Account remains inactive for an extended period of time. If you do not use your Account to bet or gamble, make a deposit or withdrawal, or if it is inactive for at least 24 months, we will close it and transfer any undisputed balance to you.

      In the event your Account is closed by us for any reason, we will have no further liability whatsoever to you except for the transfer of any undisputed balance.
    If we close your Account due to your failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions, the balance in your Account will be non-refundable and considered abandoned by you to the extent of any claim we may assert against you as of the date of such closure (whether or not related to your Account). We reserve the right to deduct from your Account balance the amount necessary to compensate you for any costs, damages, losses, fees or liabilities resulting from your failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions.

      Closing your Account will not affect your ongoing wagers, so long as they are valid and made in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. If your Account has been closed or you have given notice of your intention to close your Account, any unclaimed bonuses, promotions or other benefits that may have been offered to you will automatically be forfeited.

      When this Agreement is terminated, whether initiated by us or by you, you agree and acknowledge that:
    1. your rights to use the Site and Services will be immediately revoked;
      b. you must cease all use of the Site and Services and
      c. you must uninstall any software provided or downloaded in connection with the Site or Services on your computers, tablet, hard drives, networks or other storage devices


      To participate in the Betting and Gaming Services, you must first deposit funds into your Account. After you open your Account, you may make a payment through our various methods. We accept the mobile payment methods listed on the Site and our own vouchers. We reserve the right to change the methods we accept.

      We reserve the right to block funds if we have sufficient reason to believe that the user and the Account holder are not one and the same person (and any winnings from such payments will be null and void).

      At our sole discretion and without providing justification, we reserve the right to refuse any type of payment presented to us, regardless of whether we may have previously accepted such payment from you or customarily accept such payment from any other customer.
    We do not charge you for deposits or withdrawals, but we advise you to check with your bank and/or other payment service provider to see if they charge such fees.

      The use of an Account is made available to you solely for the purpose of allowing you to place wagers or participate in the Services. If, for any reason, you appear to deposit and withdraw money without participating in the games (100% of the deposit must be used to place bets), we reserve the right to deduct from your Account, without prior notice, any fees incurred by us prior to its closure. This may lead to a report to the appropriate authorities and suspension or closure of the Account.
    To the extent required by law, tax or other authorities in your jurisdiction, you are responsible for reporting your earnings and losses from the use of the Services.
    No interest is payable on the Account balance. Credit is not permitted. It is your responsibility to keep sufficient money in your Account and to wager in accordance with your balance. We reserve the right to cancel any wager or other transaction inadvertently processed by us, if your Account does not have sufficient funds to cover the entire transaction and/or to recover the amount of any deficit.

      Funds may be withdrawn from your Account provided:
    1. all payments made to your Account have been confirmed and have not been rejected or otherwise reversed;
      b. all identity checks that we are required to conduct in accordance with anti-money laundering guidelines, or other obligations, have been conducted with a satisfactory result. For this purpose, we reserve the right to seek such other information as we may require for the purpose of verifying your identity and your compliance with the Terms and Conditions and other applicable regulations and laws;
      c. you have complied with these Terms and Conditions;
      d. we were able to verify that you were over the age of 18.
    If it was not possible to pay your withdrawal by the method of your choice, our Customer Service Department will contact you to arrange an alternative payment method. Note that your withdrawal method must be the same as your most recent deposit method.


      BET223 is likely to offer over a defined period of time, special offers, benefits, promotions and bonuses, on bets and/or free bets for new accounts. You are not eligible for new account offers if you are already one of our customers.
      We reserve the right, at our sole discretion and without having to provide justification, to select existing customers to receive certain benefits, promotions, bonuses or special offers on bets. These benefits are subject to additional terms and conditions and a time limit, which will be made available where applicable. In order to access these benefits, you must comply with the terms and conditions of the relevant offer. If you fail to register and make a deposit within the time limit or fail to comply with any other applicable terms and conditions, your free bets or special winnings will be void.

      Unless otherwise specified, all free bets you receive must be exchanged for winning single bets. In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and the specific terms and conditions of the promotion or competition, the specific terms and conditions of the promotion or competition shall prevail.



      BET223 cannot be held responsible in any way for errors in the announcement, publication or indication of prizes, handicaps, places, betting information or results, despite our best efforts to ensure their accuracy. We make every effort to ensure that there are no errors in the prizes offered or in the bets accepted. Nevertheless, human and/or system failures may occasionally cause errors. We reserve the right to correct any obvious errors and to cancel any bets that contain errors. In the event that obvious errors affect the prices transmitted (including, for example, if the price displayed is significantly different from the prices available in the market as a whole and/or if the price is obviously incorrect, depending on the circumstances), bets will be settled at the correct price at the time of acceptance. If we accept a bet on an event and the error was in placing a price on the event itself (and not in the price), the bet will be void and your wagers will be returned.

      If any funds are credited to a Customer Account in error, it is the customer's responsibility to notify us of the error without delay. Any winnings that are won as a result of the error, and before we are notified, whether or not the winnings are related to the error, will be considered invalid and must be returned to us, or will be recovered by us.

      Any questions regarding a betting claim should first be directed to BET223 via email. We will make every effort to resolve the issue to mutual satisfaction.


      If any of these Terms and Conditions are determined to be invalid, illegal, void or unenforceable to any extent by any authority having jurisdiction, such term, provision or condition shall, to that extent, be severed from the remaining Terms and Conditions, which shall remain valid to the extent permitted by law.

      Unless expressly stated otherwise, nothing in these Terms and Conditions creates or confers any rights or benefits in favor of anyone other than you and BET223.



      In the course of providing services and in connection with your use of the Site, we may need to communicate with you through the email address or other contact information you have provided. You agree to receive emails that are specific to your Account and necessary for the normal operation of the Site, including emails that help inform users of the features of the Site. You agree to communicate with BET223 about the Site by any electronic means on your phone or mobile device.

      While marketing messages are governed by our Privacy Policy, in connection with the provision of Services and in connection with your use of the Site, we may contact you for non-marketing purposes via email or other contact information you provide to us. You agree to receive emails that are specific to your Account and necessary for the normal operation of the Site, including emails that help inform users about features of the Site.

      By playing any of our games on the Site, you agree, if you win a prize, that we may publish your name and photograph via our communication channels or at an associated promotional event, without further consent from you or compensation.



      Where our Site contains links to other sites and resources provided by third parties, these links are provided solely for your information. BET223 has no control over, and is not responsible for, the content of any such sites or resources, nor shall BET223 be liable for any loss or damage arising from your use of such sites, or from their use of information collected about you (including personal data).

      A link on our Site does not constitute an endorsement by us of the use of that link, the company or organization behind that link, or the content of the linked site.
    BET223 reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time.
    We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that you are notified by an appropriate method (for example, by email or by a notice posted on the Site) of changes to our Terms and Conditions. However, it is your responsibility to regularly review our Terms and Conditions to ensure that you are in agreement with it and your continued use of the Site will be deemed to be acceptance of any changes.

      We may need to amend the Terms and Conditions for a variety of reasons, including to adapt them to new games and services we may launch in the future, for business reasons, to comply with law or regulation, instructions, advice or recommendations of a regulatory body or for customer service reasons.

      The latest Terms and Conditions can be viewed from the Terms and Conditions link in the footer of the Site.
      We may, in our sole discretion, modify, amend or remove all or part of a gaming or betting product from the Services at any time, and we may change the prices, features, specifications, capabilities, functions and/or other characteristics of the bets, games and/or Services.

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